Windward Testamonials

“David can rapidly and positively impact any company’s operations. He is a star.”
– AB, Colleague

“David consistently achieves client satisfaction through the use of superb communication skills and delivery of innovative solutions that respond directly to each client’s business needs and interests.”
– GH, Former Boss

“What a pleasure it has been to work with David Tennant over the years. Always upbeat and energetic with such a wide range of skills.”
– J H, Former Colleague

“David and I collaborated on professional assignments for more than 10 years, always successfully, harmoniously and with positive comments from clients. David is a quick study of a client’s unique challenges, culture, and language. He appreciates each client’s particular way of doing business. As a result, he gives the client service that is easy for the client to implement.”
– TG, Former Colleague

“As our executive coach during my MBA program, David helped my group form a high-performance team. He also taught us advanced process improvement methodology and project management skills using case analysis. It was a privilege to work with him.”
– RD, Former Student

“I was a VP and Operations Training Manager for a bank in Birmingham, AL. We required our top potential managers, as well as existing managers, to participate in a series of core curriculum management training. Among these courses were Project Management topics.

We contracted with David Tennant to provide some of this training at operations centers in three states. We required that he customize it to include many of our current and planned initiatives.
Additionally, he was a valuable resource for them as a source for managerial advice and suggestions that were most helpful. He was very professional and easy to work with.

I would recommend David for any assignment involving management consulting, training, or coaching.”
– DG, Former Client

“ I’ve had the pleasure of recently working with David and have known him for a number of years.  He is very decisive and talented in that he can look at complex technical issues and has the ability to see the big picture while strategically drilling down and pulling out the important points.  One of his strengths is his excellent ability to stay focused on the desired results throughout the course of the job at hand.  All around, he is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.  He would be a big asset to any organization and especially one involving the Power-Utility business. He has a knack for understanding strategic business issues and applying the needed alignment to the organization.”
– KFM, Former Client

“David is one of the most professional and knowledgeable in his field. His dedication to his clients is only surpassed by the ability to work through any challenges or see any problems before they arise and mitigate those issues in a timely manner.”
– K B, Former Colleague

“David is a skilled consultant who uses his knowledge and experience to help businesses in many industries. He has technical and project expertise that he combines with broad knowledge of business practices to offer clients practical, timely solutions with good results. We have known each other for over ten years, and I appreciate how David maintains a balance of fulfilling personal interests with professional obligations. He and I worked together on teams, and we achieved all our goals.”
– CA, Former Client

“I have had the privilege of working with David on several projects including a project recovery of well over $700 million dollars. David’s most impressive skill to me – his ability to communicate clearly both verbally and in written form. Whether it is writing procedures / processes or sharing concepts and “how to’s” with a client, David Tennant ranks first on my list. To be on the same team with David means the project will go well, and the client will be excellently served.”
– JBT, Colleague

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