How We Work

When you hire a consultant or consulting team, you are buying a point of view. Windward’s is a wide-angle view. No matter what situation we’re called in to, we zoom out and look at it in the context of the organization which chartered it. This is a systems perspective, and it’s the first value you get from us.

We excel at the rapid response protocol required for running successful rescue operations. This ability speaks to our second value: deep experience—in executive management roles as well as the knowledge domains of engineering, project management, and organizational change management.

You don’t have to be caught in a storm to call on us. We are equally effective at proactively building your company’s capacity for project management or guiding you through organizational changes required to comply with changing government regulation. And, no matter what type of assignment we’re on, we follow the shortest path leading to your project management self-sufficiency. This is our third value: empowering you to steer your own ship.

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