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The bowman prepares to raise a spinnaker as his boat moves into position to catch the wind at its back. Our job is to show you how to align people, projects, processes, and culture so that you can (re)gain business momentum.

Windward Consulting Group shows business leaders how to (re)gain business momentum by employing the discipline of effective project planning and management. We’re often called in when technology projects/programs are failing. Making your project seaworthy and getting your boat and its crew back in the water as soon as possible is our initial priority. Ensuring that you’re seaworthy for the journey ahead comes next. We can stay on board to make sure everyone on the crew knows how to sail and that you, the business leader, know how to recognize and respond to early warnings that signal troubled waters.

Windward’s managing principal, David V. Tennant, has rescued over $1 billion energy, manufacturing, financial services, and research projects from $3.5 billion under his control. These accomplishments represent 15 years of work in 10 countries on four continents.

Windward’s own crew consists of tried and true first mates whose expertise and experience complement David’s own.

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