Your Situation: “Competition is Gaining On Us!”

A racing team is a model of a perfect system: skipper, crew, and sailing vessel maneuvering as one along the course, responding to continuously changing conditions by changing course—without losing sight of the finish line.

In high winds yachtsmen “shorten sail” to give the skipper more control over the boat. Windward’s purpose is always to give you, the business leader, more control over the performance of your fleet.

Windward's Response

Boosting business performance requires clear direction and stalwart executive will to steer the organization through a major realignment.

You set goals. We survey the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Employees naturally lead us to their workarounds for dysfunctional processes. This gives us what we need to present a practical action plan.

Persistence is the key to a successful power boost. Also celebrating small victories.

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