Project QuickStart

Project QuickStart

Your Situation

  • If a project seems to be stuck in the planning phase, the team may be wrestling with unclear objectives or competing agendas. Ask questions about the purpose of the project and the stakeholders. If you need expert facilitators, we would love to assist you.
  • Sometimes design engineers skip over planning and go straight to the design phase. This omission will show up later in the project life cycle. If a project misses a milestone or spends money faster than expected, inadequate planning may be the culprit. It’s never too late to create a solid plan. Without one, you can count on lots of rework.

What We Bring

  • We have managed more than $3.5 billion in major capital projects in 10 countries on four continents.
  • We designed QuickStart to accelerate the planning process. We lead one or more project teams through a comprehensive planning process AND teach project management skills at the same time. This makes QuickStart a great value for you.
  • We have led hundreds of QuickStarts in diverse industries all over the world.
Please take a look at our case study, Lab Nets Federal Grant about one very successful QuickStart session.

What You Can Expect

At the end of QuickStart the project team(s) will be aligned around a fully documented plan which includes:
  • Project Definition
    • Identify Stakeholders
      • Articulate Clear Objectives
      • Define Scope
      • Identify Key People
      • State Assumptions and Constraints
  • Work Breakdown Structure
    • Define Phases
      • Identify Tasks
  • Work Plan Preparation
    • Budget
      • Schedule
      • Staffing Plan
  • Risk Analysis & Response
    • Identify & Quantify Risks
    • Formulate response strategy

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